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I want to connect with and inspire all people that I meet. Influencing not only the visually impaired, but also every American that will lend me an ear. I want to share my story with audiences around the country, be an advocate for the awareness of visual impairments, and help provide opportunities that can save lives.

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2016 article about Shawn training for Paralympics

'I can do this': Shawn Cheshire, blinded by a freak accident, hopes to compete in 2016 Paralympics

by Elizabeth Doran at

May 26, 2016

After a freak work accident robbed Shawn Cheshire of her eyesight, she refused to leave her Camillus house for several months as depression and darkness over losing her sight left her feeling bleak and hopeless. "I had a terrible attitude,'' said Cheshire, who was 34 at the time.

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ESPN-W 2015 Veteran's Day Article

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters And Veterans

by Alyssa Roenigk at ESPN

November 11, 2015

Patrons of the veteran-owned gun shop where Staff Sgt. Kimberly Pate works sometimes ask if she "belongs to" one of her male co-workers. They often ask her to thank the men she works with for their service to this country. She smiles, politely, and informs them that she, too, is a veteran.

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2014 Article About Shawn Training for 2016 Paralympics from

CNY woman, blinded by accident, trains for 2016 Paralympics: "I stare fear in the face"

by Elizabeth Doran at

October 13, 2014

For weeks after an accident that would eventually leave Shawn Cheshire blind, the Camillus woman refused to leave her house. The blow she suffered to the back of her head five years ago injured her brain and slowly she lost her vision, leaving her in darkness.

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